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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 6 - @Celinalindqvist

My name is Celina Lindqvist. I'm nineteen years old and I live north from Copenhagen in Denmark. My interest for sneakers started when I was about fifteen years old, so I've been a passionated sneaker collector for about four years.

I've always had a great love for shoes but after I graduated elementary school my love began to grow. I remember when I was on vacation with my family in Amsterdam where you could find sneakers everywhere. That was the first time I really was inspired and I quickly fell in love with all the colorful and sporty designs. My first pair of sneakers was Air Max 1 mint candy, and I actually still have them. I've always had a weakness for the Air Max models and I would lie if I said that they weren't the reason I became a part of the "game".

Through the last couple of years I have expanded my collection a bit. Many pairs have come and left, because I can't deny that I also care about selling. The primary reason I sell is to get more space for new releases, so my collection can be renewed all the time. For about 2 years ago my collection consisted of about 85 different pairs. But after 2 sneaker banquets with a great deal of sales my current collection "only" consists of about 50 pairs.

My collection is pretty wide in terms of style. I have everything from classic Superstars to Jordans, Yeezys, Air max and Louboutins. But I have to make something clear: I'm definitely a Nike girl! I don't know if I have a favorite but if I have to pick one its the Air Max 1 PRM Atmos Dessert Camo Safari, which is also in my collection, or the Nike Air Force 1 Tisci which is probably going to be my next buy.

The reason why I collect is because I love to be different from everyone else by wearing a cool pair a sneakers. Sneakers has become a part of my identity. I also collect because I love the sneaker society, and I love that it is a common passion in a great amount of countries.

You're more than welcome to visit my blog www.copenhagenkicks.dk or my Instagram @celinalindqvist if you want to be a part of my sneaker world!
- Celina Lindqvist

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