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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 60 - @J_rago


Hi, my name is J Rago and I am from South London, England.

I'll never forget the moment I fell instantly in love with sneakers...
It must have been early 1989, & the 'dope kid' who a couple years older than me, walked onto the block wearing "VISIBLE AIR" in the form of the almighty AJ III !!!!
It was insane! A herd of us was quite literally taking turns to kneel before him to admire and even try touch the 'air bubbles'.
 I distinctly remember the adulation and respect he was given for this pair...and it opened the floodgates.
 Over the next couple years, the elders from my block would be showcasing AJ IV, Reebok Pump, LA Gear Regulators, Troop, BK, Suede mid-top fila & Champion, you name it. So it was clear from early.... I NEED ME SOME AIRS!!!!!

I have been into sneakers since my mum and nan together combined to buy me my 1st pair in 1990. Of course, they had to be Nike Air max III (90). And every other xmas thereafter I begged for the latest pair...from Air max BW to TW from adidas torshion through to reebok Hexalite/ERS and classics. I didn't get half of them...but I begged regardless.lol.
 It wasn't until around 2006 that I started to buy pairs I'd actually look after. So many maxes,Tn,presto and the odd Jordan heat been beat before then...but now a lil collection was forming.

What I enjoy most about sneakers is the community.
 Be it from the original 3 hour que times, to the week long camps of today, I have met some truly, genuinely, amazing people! 
 Also, the power of social media today is just crazy! It has enabled us to bring our culture closer. I have had the genuine pleasure of being able to form real friendships with likeminded people from literally all over the planet who share the same passions for everything SNEAKER. 
 So what started as a modest passion has now developed into a bonafide culture. And wether it's the rebirth of silhouettes of old, the amazing new tech such as Boost and Flyknit today, the exclusive/collabs, those dope CW's...or even hype that drives you, there is something for all. And our culture is BOOMING!!! 

My favourite pairs...

1. Nike Air Jordan III WC 94'
For obvious reasons previously stated.
Visible air, the street ready elephant print, even how you can lace these babies...not to mention they worn by the GOAT himself!?
Nuff said.

2. Nike Air Max 90 ROUNDEL
The 90 started it all off for me. My first pair of real kicks. And this particular CW because the roundel design adorned all London transport as I grew up. I used to travel with my nan (who bought me my 1st 90's) daily on these seats.
 A very nostalgic pair for me... and I truly love them!

3. adidas BOOST
If you have the gift of motion....your feet simply deserve Boost!  
 Any boost, it really doesn't matter. There is no shoe more comfortable.

An honourable mention to asics and notably the gel lyte III. Like most, I am always looking for something a little different, and as we grow our tastes & styles diversify. I've had a great time discovering the qualities and nuances other brands offer and even specialise in. There really is something for everybody.

Thankyou all for taking the time

and a special thanks to epsilon magazine for the opportunity.

Eternal Success 


Oliver Berg