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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 62 - @Jimvanvonderen

Hi, my name is Jim and i'm 18 years old, I live in the Netherlands in a small village near Nijmegen.

The first time I noticed some dope sneakers was about 4 years ago. I was shopping with my stephmom and she bought me a pair of New Balance MRT 580AD, apparently it was on the release day so there were some people over there who gave me compliments about my kicks. Since then I'm always looking for the newest, or the oldest sneakers and the story behind them.

I've been into sneakers for like 3 years now, I started collecting when i was 14 or 15 years old. I only had a pair of Nike Air Flights and a pair of oldskool Vans, Nothing special. I was pretty careful with my sneakers, a half year later I bought my first pair of Air Max 1, the Air Max 1 Omega, nothing special. After a year of collecting I got myself the Nike Air Max 1 Mahogany, i was searching for that shoe for months! It was a great feeling when the mailman delivered the kicks.. I started searching for some pictures of the shoes to get some inspiration to make my own picture. While I was searching I saw a pair of Nike Air Max 90 Mahogany, instead of the Air Max 1 with a blue lunar midsole this one had an orange lunar midsole. I must have them! After an other few months of searching I found a reseller named " SneakerDreamNL " who had them in my size! I sent him a message and damn.. they were mine!

What I enjoy the most about sneakers is the feeling when you get the pair you've been searching for.. For me it's one of the best feelings.. While searching you'll always meet new people with the same passion. In these years I've met so much people, the most of them are even my friends right now, some of them are even family to me.. The thing is.. they'll always keep you up to date if you're busy or something. When i'm at school and there's a release or someone posts some kicks on facebook or whatever, they tag, message or even call me to tell me about the kicks. And if i'm interested they will even cop them for me. I really like photography.. I'm using a Canon and since a year I really like sneaker photography, I don't even know if thats a term haha. With photographing sneakers you'll always get compliments.. about the sneakers or about the shot.. That's something wich is really addictive to me. It's a great feeling when you're taking a picture of someones kicks and they're really happy with the shot. It's always a challenge getting yourself to a next level, that's something i like.

My favorite pair is the Jordan 4 Retro White Cement 2016.. this one has a special story.. One day i came home from school and my parents told me to sit down. My stepmom told me she was pregnant, I'm about to be a big brother.. a few days after the good news I wanted to buy something special for the baby, and yes.. Sneakers! I went to the local footlocker and bought a pair of Jordan 4 White Cements! I bought them because i wanted them for myself so bad but they were sold out everywhere.. After some research i saw a reseller named Kiwan (Approved Sneakers) he had a pair of those in my size! a bit above retail, but yeah .. It has a special meaning for me so i bought them.. I was so happy when they arrived and I could hold my own size in my left hand and the baby's kicks in my right hand .. (the baby comes in October)

I also love my Air Max 1 and Air Max 90 Mahogany's.. those together are just Ying and Yang..

Well, this is who I am, what I do and what I love, thanks for reading! You can check my Instagram for my Sneakers and my Photography! Greets, Jim! This is the interview, if there are some grammar mistakes it's my bad :p Thanks for the opportunity!

IG : jimvanvonderen

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