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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 63 - @Dexter91000

Hey guys!

I live in France near Paris.  I started my interest in sneakers colleague with my first pair, cetait a Nike Air Max Bw. with time I had some models like huaraches, and many others. I remember my first jordan 7 raptor, then my second was the nike air max 93 og, this was my favorite .. In 2008 when the money finally started to roll, I bought Jordans, Flyknit and many others .. I love all kinds of Nike sneakers brands, Saucony, New balance, Asics, Adidas, etc. 

I like almost everything about the shoes, the stories they tell the story of some pairs / brands. I am always happy to see what will come out, the excluded, the pairs that people will tear gens.nous do lounges dedicated to sneakers with have little shared the same love of sneakers. I love photographing all my peers and to do it with my best friend "apollo91000" .We love to values ith staging.

like most collectors I do not think I could ever love a single pair. In my personal collection, My Nike Air Max 1 Snake "Atmos" 2013 is probably my favorite .. 2ème is Nike Air Max 90 hyerfuse og 2012.

I am very humbled to be part of the sneaker episodes. Thank you to "Epilson Magazine!”

☆Thanks Oliver☆

Oliver Berg