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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 64 - @Showtaro_sanpei


I live in Tokyo,Japan. I liked fashions since the days of a high school student and liked the sneakers, too. However, I did not get absorbed in sneakers at that time. The opportunity when I was absorbed in to sneakers is influence of the friends JUN. He was distinguished for a fashion sense and was my admiration. I did the study about sneakers and the fashion desperately not to be defeated by such him. It is a worthless office worker. It is Nike, adidas, asics,puma...To see various sneakers, I repeated that the most moving passage wore it. It came to have a lot on sneakers now than JUN. I think that the molding beauty includes the best thing charm of sneakers. Beauty of the form, various beauty including the beautility as sneakers are jam-packed to sneakers. I want to see various sneakers with the eyes! I want to wear it! Thought let me rebear to sneakerheads. It is approximately seven years ago that I have begun to run after sneakers absorbedly.

What I like about sneakers is when a model checks the made history and thinks about a function. I watch color blocking and think about why had this color. I check the subject matter with eyes and I touch it by hand and think about why used the material. And I wear it. I am a collector, but also a player. It is not thought not to wear it. I feel sorry for sneakers if I do not wear it. In that way I enjoy all the sneakers exhaustively. And I have a camera by another hobby. It is one of my pleasure to take one's sneakers.

My Best pairs Concepts x Asics GEL- LYTE V „Ember“ As for these sneakers, all is perfect. A color, material, a “concept“. All satisfies me. I who was able to purchase it am a lucky person. There are the favorite sneakers equally elsewhere. Those most are the things of the product of CNCPTS. I like that shop.

You can find more of my pictures on my Instagram account: @Showtaro_sanpei

Oliver Berg