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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 65 - @Jemuelwong

Hey there! I am sneaker enthusiast Jemuel, also known by my Instagram user name @jemuelwong.

I live in Sydney, Australia. I was born originally in Hong Kong. I used to collect different football/soccer boots, mainly the Predator line Adidas created. I used to love buying a different pair each week so that I could test them out during my weekly training sessions. Then I remembered chatting to a friend of mine at work who had about 100+ pairs of Jordan sneakers, and he told me that I should get some nice trainers if I liked football boots so much. From then on, my passion for collecting football boots slowly transitioned into a passion for sneakers of many different brands. It wasn't until last year, that I developed a real passion for the brand Adidas, most notably through their ZX Flux series. I then also committed this passion my imprinting a trefoil tattoo on my ankle.

I have been into sneakers for about 2 1/2 years now. - What do you enjoy about sneakers? I enjoy many different aspects of wearing sneakers; the comfort, the aesthetics, the different connotations gained from different sneaker silhouettes. I would like to think that my shoes and outfit reflect my feelings and vibes. I also walk a lot as I don't drive, so having comfortable, good looking sneakers are very important to me. I believe sneakers reflect an aspect of a person's personality.

My absolute favorite pair of sneakers will have to be the Adidas ZX Flux London City. They were made exclusive for the launch of the London Adidas Flagship store. I remember seeing them when they first launched back when I started collecting ZX Flux, and I instantly fell in love with the print. Something about the fine detailed print of houses, buildings and the majestic London River, makes this pair of sneakers so lively and unique. And having this incredible print sit on an off-white ZX torsion sole just topped it all off. Only 300 pairs were made world wide, and I currently own 3 pairs of my size in my collection.

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