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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 68 - @Rundstreck

Hi i´m Stefan aka Rudi Rundstreck from Oktoberfest City which is officially known as Munich (Germany).

I can´t remember that i ever wore anything different than runners. Everyday, for sports, for skating... they were just perfect for any occasion. Better ask me when i did not wear them (of course there are some events when they are not acceptable).

Actually it´s way back in time i started wearing sneakers with consciousness. Should be about 20 years from now. I still can laugh about the time when I wore my Adidas Superstar with fat laces, straight laced (nowadays called "fashion laced") and put an extra spongebob below the tongue to get that immense bulky shape. Then i paused for a long time. Started again with some Air Force 1 x Krink and various Nike SB Dunks. But really got hitten via social media and a some special groups on facebook. Since then i was able to tick off pair by pair of my favourites list.

At this point you could easily mention the comfort, the cushion system or anything technical about sneakers. For me it´s somehow a lifestyle thing - a good pair of runners can totally complete your outfit. But it´s not about the fashion by meaning - i wear them because i simply like them. But the most important fact to me is that through some campouts and the SBW- Gang I really found some true friends which i hardly wanted to miss from nowadays. Basically you have always a theme to sart off a disussion or talk about, but most time it´s hard to stay serious and not to start to laugh. And for reallife we assembled some people and started to regularly do meet ups for photoshoots and have a beer and a burger. Greetings at this point to all members of Sneaker Battle Week, Südiheat and Südi´s Sneaker Shoe- Ting as well as the Turnschuh Stammtisch Landshut ! So basically hang out, enjoy our time and have fun - that is what i enjoy most about sneakers.

Actually i like most pairs i own. Also i´m not brand addicted, so i just add to my collection what hits my attention. Hasn´t to be a Collabo to be good, even general releases are damn good. Not really about that hype thing. In my collection some of my favourites are: New Balance 1500BGT Nazar Eye New Balance 1500BPW Purple Devil New Balance 1500CBP La MJC x Colette Pink Carbon Asics Gel Saga Neptune Diadora La MJC "All Gone" Series Diadora N9000 Ferro Saucony Shadow 5000 x Righteous One Epitome One of my holy grails to have someday is the Asics Gel Lyte III x Slamjam "5th Dimension".

Thank you all for taking the time and reading some parts of my personal story. Also huge shoutouts to everyone who helped me coming so far or aided me on the hunt !

Special thanks to Epsilon Magazine for giving me the opportunity to write something about myself !

Rock your shoes - that´s what they have been built for ! Cheers, Rudi Rundstreck


Oliver Berg