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I am a sneakerhead episode 7 - @Knud2118


Hi, my name is Kasper, im 18, and I live in Denmark, in a small town just outside of Copenhagen. At the moment i am going through my second year of highschool. I’ve always been fascinated by sneakers, and as a little kid i i loved to get a new sneaker every now and then, when my mom decided i needed a new pair.

As i grew up, sneakers has become a very important part of my life, and it has gone from having a love for sneakers to having a most dedicated passion. My “sneaker game” started in 2012-13, with a shoe from adidas called ZX 700 that wasn’t really something special, but it really got me into the sneaker community, and made me started thinking in different lanes. Later on It was a pair of Asics GLV x Offspring “desert pack” that really changed my mind about a sneakers materials, CW, and history. The shoe made me to that kind of sneaker head i am today, because my mindset and focus when i look for new sneakers is the History, Materials and Colorblocking/Colorway. My favorite brand will always be Asics or NB, and no other brands will ever change that, tho i have a big love for Diadora, Nike and Adidas also.

I did quite a few campouts now, and i have always had an great experience with the guys camping. Camping out is for many people very tough but for me, and a lot of other sneaker heads, its a blessing to spend a night with other guys having the same passion as you, tho it can be tough some times with cold weathers etc.

One of My best experiences i had with sneakers was back in may 2015, when the 25th anniversary collaboration from Asics and Afew dropped. I was going to a party that friday night before it released, and i just wanted that shoe so bad. I made a deal with myself, that i needed to go to the party because i promised my friends to, but it was with the biggest sadness, that I just couldn’t go to the campout. Later that night, the party escalated and i got drunk as f***, and when the clock hit 3 am in the morning, i decided to grab my stuff at my friends house, and started walking towards the train station. It was a small walk of 15 mins or so, but when i got to the train station, i had to wait for the train in 20 minutes, and i was so sad and convinced about all the sizes have been taken, but i remember feeling the need to give it a try. So i jumped on the train and arrived to copenhagen around 4 am. Then i wandered totally drunk with only my thin jacket on, and wallet plus keys to the danish sneaker store Le Fix. When i arrived, i came to the guys and asked how many sizes left, and i was prepared to go home again, i got the “oh, yea one size 10.5 still left”, and right there i felt so happy! I laid down on the brick floor, and slept until an hour before the store was supposed to open, and when i woke up, i had the worst back pain and a headache that just killed me. i got my 10.5, and i was so happy, tho it wasn’t my size, but the day after, i got a sizeswap to my size, and it all ended in me getting my size of the Koi’s. I still love that story, because i remember how much i wanted the shoe, and how much i went through just to get it, with a risk of not getting anything.

I know that i can’t afford any sneaker i want, but i am happy to be a part of such a great community, and its a passion that i will never loose. My favorite pair of sneakers in my collection, must be my Yeezy turtle doves, or my Asics GL3 x Hanon “solstice”.

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