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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 70 - @Onghong96

20 years old Chinese who stay in Malaysia, @onghong96 on Instagram.

I actually get influenced by some of my friend . But , they pointed me as the one who will keep on asking them to buy like poisoning them ... I don't call myself a sneakershead as I'm just collecting what I like. Nike sb started my passion on sneakers , but i never own a pair of sb. And I don't skate actually. Now I'm in love with some gel lyte 3 . Mostly seeking for some KITH collab. Since the age of 12 , I own my first pair of hyperdunk . Following by every year I will get a pair of some kind of limited shoe. From sb , to some pump fury , flyknit . And now some gel lyte.

Sneakers make friends . That's what I really love about shoe . It's not only about buy, sell trade . I met some people , gaining knowledges . Make some friends . And i found that in the sneakers culture in Malaysia , there's no racism . We queue overnight for certain times , we hang out and talk about upcoming release , we meet each other during some sneakers event. It's fun and I actually learnt a lot of things from there . That's the reason keeping me up.

 Everyone have their own heat list:

. 1. Nike X Parra "Amsterdam " (2005)

2. Nike air max 95 stash

3. Asics X Solefly "Night Haven"

4. Asics X Hanon "wildcat "

5. Asics X KITH ECP pack "Knicks "

Thanks for the feature 🙏🙏 check out my insta for more of my collection .

Oliver Berg