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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 71 - @Auntungsg

Hello friend, My name is Untung Simanjorang, I’m 24 years old. I live in Bandung, West Java. Bandung is a town near from Jakarta the Capital City of Indonesia. For now I’m work in Biak, the small city on top of Papua Island. Then stay here one or two years again for finish my job, while also take some travel here with my friend. I started collecting sneakers at the beginning of 2015. Actually get influenced by my friend, he always use his sneakers in daily activity. Then I got interested to have pairs of sneakers. I bought my first pairs New Balance 1500 Gentleman’s Choice pack. At that time I loved this pair and my opinion that one of the best general release by New Balance 1500 made in UK.

I was getting interested in the sneakers because 25 anniversary Asics gel lyte 3. I found some sneakers of Asics was very awesome, the collaborations particularly attract me because knowing that the pair is limited to certain number of copies. More over the stores offer premium materials and great design. I’m currently looking for a few pairs of Asics more.

Sneakers into something useful to myself now, I always saw a lot of design, color and material. All of news and update release date of sneakers. I’m looking for information and reading news and update release date of sneakers. Normally I feel so hard for me bought a pair of sneakers, I must pay more and waiting with patient because the long distance from my country. But I’m feel happy for that moment, if the sneakers were already up on my hands. I’m very glad of all my sneakers collection.

Of all the sneakers I wrote this collection was the best:

1. Asics Gel Lyte 3 x Packer Shoes – Dirty Buck 2015

2. Diadora N9000 x Solebox – Ferro 2015

3. New Balance 997 x Concept – Rose 2014

Thank you so much to @epsilonmagazine and @olivaah397 for giving me the opportunity to write something about myself. Check my collection on instagram @auntungsg, and the pics is taking with my best friend @rezasz. Thank you for reading, bless

Oliver Berg