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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 74 - @Myasics666


I live in Moscow, Russia and that’s actually the biggest challenge that I face being a sneakerhead. As you may know the political actions of our country had recently caused your national currency to shatter and each pair became like 2.5 times more expensive for, all that besides Russia not being the top priority for international sneaker releases.

I first got into sneakers around 2002/2003, when I started to perform as a hip hop artist from time to time. I was 13 or 14, started earning some money and sneakers were the first thing I would spend them on. My first love were Adidas Originals Superstar. I purchased all releases that were available in Russia.

As I said – I've been a big fan of sneakers since childhood, with some compelled pauses however. By the time I acquired rather small Adidas Superstars collection (around 30-35 pairs) I grew up, parted my ways with hip hop and switched my style. My next love were Converse Allstar and soon enough Allstar shelves replaced the Superstar shelves. I wore Converses for about 6 years and can say that they are a great brand that always finds new things to add to their classic model. But because of my work I had to spend a lot of time moving around Moscow on foot. Some health issues with my feet started to emerge – that’s how I understood the need of a more comfortable footwear. After long search I found my new love yet again – Asics Gel Lyte V. Thanks to my passion about them I started to get into all that sneakerhead stuff: collabs, camps, resells and how much would a delivery from LA to Moscow cost. On my Instagram page you can see the result of all this.

I enjoy everything about them really! :D For me, the day is much brighter if it's possible to wear sneakers and I'm feeling a bit envious of people that can do it all year. I like to take onfeet pics 'cause it allows me to share the emotions I feel about each pair. Now, thanks to my friends sneakerheads, I realize that the world of sneakers is really infinite and I also understand that you can't get everything you like. Diadora, Adidas, Nike, Puma and Saucony all have stunning releases, but for me: Asics – one love. Which pairs of mine I like the most? That's the most difficult question for a sneakerhead. All the pairs are GLV, of course: Medics from HAL, Phys Ed from SBTG and KicksLab, Trico from Mita and the most practical and comfortable among all the GLVs (taking into account Russian weather conditions) Grand Opening GLV from KITH. Right now I'm waiting for a package from Cologne – Sandlayer from MonkeyTime – I think they would join this list as well.

Oliver Berg