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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 75 - @Niconielsenn



I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I got into the sneaker game when i was in Berlin with my class in 2014. The street Kurfürstendamm had so many nice sneakershops, and when i found the Nike flyknit racer for the first time, then i knew i would collect sneakers. I am really sure about it was this pair that made the start for me. I have been into the sneakergame in 2 years, but only serious for 1 year.

I enjoy all the colours, all the brands, the memories with them, and all the different kind of sneakers. When you start collect sneakers, then i think, that you like the most kind of sneakers. In the start, i was like: ‘’i only want nike, because this is the shit’’ but when you start your collection, then i think you like them all, and wants a lot of different sneakers and colors. I like my Nike fragment design sock dart "oreo" the most. 13 hours in the streets of Copenhagen the first time i camped for a pair of shoes, and that was a really hard and long camp for me. People who were in the camp, know the rest of the history about me in the camp.

The fragment is my absolute favorite, but i also have some others, like the Asics x Ronnie Fieg ‘’miami’’ and nike x atmos ‘’elephant’’ in my collection i think are some kind of special for me.

That was a little bit of me and my collection, remember to follow me on instagram @niconielsenn there is more to come..!!

Oliver Berg