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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 8 - @Toshisneakerstokyo

I think it was my involvment in basketball as a teenager that led me to my love for sneakers. Playing basketball at that time sneakers such as Air Jordan, Air Max and Nike products were in the center of my attention, and I bought a lot of pairs from these brands. However, the one pair that really stands out to me, when I'm looking back is my purchase of a pair of New Balance M1300 (1995 years reprint model).

As I grew out of my teens' I lost some of my interest in sneakers, and I moved on to other interests. but a decade later in 2013 i was re-caught. I purchased New Balance's M576SGA: Their 25th anniversary edition, and this pair was just perfect.My purchase of the M576SGA helped me to regain my passion and interest in sneakers again.

I began thinking about incorporating my interest in photografing into my sneakerworld. I wanted to take pictures of sneakers and posting them online.
At first I used my smartphone to take pictures with, which was fine at first, but I soon upgraded to a compact digital camera. I was immediately more satisfied with the quality of the pictures, and it didn't take me long to upgrade further to a single-lens reflex camera.
I've learned that the quality of your camera and lens in terms of taking a picture of sneakers is important. Getting the "good sneakers" is more important. People want to see pictures of their popular sneakers.
I've often found myself in a position of longing after the possibilty of taking a picture of a certain pair of sneakers, but however hard it is to get hold of certain pair, the joy of succeeding will forever be worth it.

-  と志スニーカーズ

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