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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 80 - @Onealz

How's it going guys?

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I start collecting converse few year back (around 7 years ago) for a year or so. And then I quit (still have tons of them somewhere in my house lol. Then I start buying Legos from the US (my family lives in California) and they sending it to me here. After a while I got tired of Legos and start buying some Sneakers. I started as a Jordan collector (bought an OG jordan 12 playoff) for the sake of chilhood memories, this was my first basketball shoes in junior high. After that, I went crazy about sneakers (knowing that my family doesnt mind sending me some shoes to Jakarta)

I Started again for about 3 years, after a while collecting some jordan and nikes, in 2016 I focused on one brand which is Asics I enjoy sneakers because of the comfortness, quality and how some retailers selling limited collabs shoes The excitement trying to get a new collabs shoes every weekend online is so much fun, but sometimes its very frustating. As for now if i can only pick 3 pairs:

Asics gel lyte 3 Made in Japan sample

Asics gel lyte 5 x commonwealth davinci

Asics gel lyte 3 x alife Friends and Family monster pack sample

Oliver Berg