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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 82 - @Dailybimmr

My Name is Martin and i'm living in a small cozy village near Innsbruck, the capital of tyrol in Austria. Innsbruck is not very famous for it's sneaker culture at all and not the best place to catch highly favored pairs... ...this is followed by one big advantage- the streets are not flooded by sneaker heads wearing their grails, giving you the feeling to be one of a million.

As far I can remember I always wanted to wear something special on my feet. When i was a child and somebody of my family asked me about my birthday wishes I replied quickly- "actually I'm not in need of anything, but Sneakers would be great!" I remember the time when I had my first "torsions" followed by fire red nike Basketball shoes- I enjoyed being different compared to my classmates, although they truly had finer backpacks or more luxury pencil cases- laughing. I still have the same attitude even if this story is already about 20 years ago 😊

The first thing crossing my mind when thinking about Sneakers is premium uppers. I love wearing well made and fully sueded runners. Additionally I'm a shape Enthusiast, the sharper, the better! Maybe you already can imagine which pairs really hit my flavour? At the moment I'm a fully satisfied New Balance customer since a lot of the 997s are exactly what I'm looking for. It hasn't to be a collabo (even the cncpts 997NSY is one of my favourite pairs right now) I also enjoy wearing my 997PR (what a fire pair!) I'm also a big fan of flyknit racers, these are the most comfy Sneakers IMO and the multicolor 2.0 is one of the better colorways waiting in my shelf getting rocked!

BR Martin

Oliver Berg