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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 83 - @Soleandshape


I'm based in Bucharest, Romania and Rome is my second home.

It was year 1993 and I was about 7 years old when I had my first pair of sneakers. It was a pair of Nike Waffle City and I was wearing it with a custom pair of really nice denim jeans made by my mother. The Nike pair was a gift, somehow charity, received from some distant relatives who had contact with the States back then. My mom specialized in shoes and clothing manufacturing and studied various schools regarding these two topics. During my childhood she was working at home and making custom suits, plus other clothing items for different people. I’ve always stayed by her side, watched her what she was doing, and learned everything I’ve could – how to thread a needle, how to cut a piece of fabric and finally how to create something just with a sketch. Later, when my mom started to work again at one local shoe factory, I’ve learned the process of making a shoe, how to handsew casual leather shoes and other related things from this beautiful complex process. All these experiences from my childhood helped me to raise and develop a basic visual culture of the footwear and clothing topics. All the credits go to my mom, because she’s the one who helped enormously, unconscious, at what would have become in the next years one of my deepest passions.The final piece of the puzzle that led to the birth, development and construction of this great passion for sneakers, was dancing. When I was 13 years old I discovered the street dance and the b-boying culture. I was part of a crew at the time and I’ve practiced it for about 3 years. The streetwear inspiration which came with that trend back then, simply blew my mind and my options.

It's been 12 years now and I've seen plenty of changes in the past decade.

What I like about 'em is the creativity, the design effort, the materials, the shape, the stories, the people who manufactured them and the complex process of manufacturing. I see more than shoes in each pair. Each and one pair come with a story and a purpose, each pair takes you somewhere, in some place at some hour.

I’m definitely into runners. I like mostly the 80’s and 90’s decades, the key period when brands played a lot with shapes, construction, materials, colors and technologies. But, to mention a few pairs, I will include: Nike Air Zoom Street, Etonic Stable Air, Asics Riverton, Adidas Jazz, Lotto Manhattan.


Oliver Berg