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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 84 - @Xmmvxssv

Hi, my name is Hagen and i am an Air Max addict from Stuttgart, Germany. My love for sneaker started when i was a kid - i think the first contact was my older cousin who bought new shoes every month, mostly Air Max 97s, 95s etc. I saw them and asked my mum to get me those! - She denied haha!

Well now i am 23 and collecting sneakers and rare Air ( Max 1 ) for three years. The thing that i love about beeing a sneakerhead is to collect pieces of history with nearly every shoe - i mean the biggest part of the pairs i own is half my age. It is incredible to see the evolution of changing materials, changing shape and colourways over the years. Looking back at collaborations and special editions Nike never will bring again that good.

When i am looking over my collection there are so many great shoes, just like nearly all OG colourways with white mesh and a simple contrasting mudguard - but i think the one I like the most is the AM1 Powerwall Pink from 2005, materials and CW are just amazing and i was waiting so damn long to get my hands on these. Finally i got them, and they can line up straight to the rest of my Powerwalls.

Oliver Berg