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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 85 - @Jabbarofsky

I live in Geneva, in Switzerland.

It's hard to say how I get into sneakers because I always liked fine clothes (especially hip hop style) paying attention of what I buy and wear. A friend made me discover that there was a real community behind the sneakers. Thus, I began to take interest of this world until becoming a part of this.

I started collecting sneakers five years ago.

Into sneakers I enjoy the story about the community and the story of each sneaker. I enjoy too the style of sneakers, which color have been used or which material, in which condition, bye who. I appreciate the comfort that they give. I enjoy discovering and looking for new models.

my favorite pairs are air jordan 6 infared 2000 and air max 1 Corduroy , pink pack , forest green and OG


Oliver Berg