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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 86 - @Gazza_noble

My name is Gary Noble (ladies slide into my DM on Instagram) @gazza_noble @northeastsoles 😄👍🏻😬

I am based in a city called Aberdeen in the north east of Scotland I would say my trainer/sneaker obsession started at 15 years old when I walked into the BEST independent store in Scotland (HANON) which back then was called Street Threads I picked up a pair of millennium adidas micropacers only 600 pairs made worldwide I HAD TO GET THEM as I seen them advertised all over the newspapers of all the celebrities wearing them it was the likes of David Beckham and that crazy popstar jamourquai SO I PURCHASED THEM and walked out the store with a massive grin on my face.

Slowly but surly my bank balance and social life became obsessed I was constantly on a forum every day 8 hours a day sometimes 12 refreshing all the time the forum was called crookedtongues it was amazing the hook ups I received and made with people worldwide was unreal it was such a good community then ASOS bought them over and it was doomed, these days nobody goes on forums it's all about your Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,Pinterest so many out there to be involved with and right now in Scotland in my 16 years of being obsessed with trainers this is the biggest I've seen the whole trainer scene people are going bat shit crazy last year for the Hanon Colab with asics for the gel lyte 3 anniversary people travelled from all around Britain the line started Wednesday morning outside the store but the shoes went on sale the coming Saturday , HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO SCOTLAND the weather is horrible it's always raining and so cold these people were camping out for days and nights it was madness so myself and Thomas Lindie ran the line, 24 hours later we had 100 people lined up it was madness we were doing random checks at random times making sure no one was cheating some one was even paying homeless people to line up for them but unfortunately this was not In the Gary Noble handbook of rules so they were dragged out the line by myself if you broke the rules you would not get a pair SIMPLE.

I would say the best behaved of all the travellers were the people from London (they gave me a bottle of 12 year old Japanese whiskey) 😝 on the last day so I was happy with an unexpected gift.

These days the amount of releases and colabs that are happening are unreal so I decided to start a page on facebook and Instagram called NORTH EAST SOLES 5 Months ago just to keep in touch with the latest drops and give out info all sneaker related it was just a bit of fun but it has BLOWN up BIG TIME both on Facebook and instagram if you hashtag us #northeastsoles We will feature you.

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