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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 87 - @Podol_

Hello, my name is Anthony, I'm close to my 24 years old. I'm from Toulouse (France) but I currently live in Bordeaux (France) since 2 years.

I learned to know more about sneakers thanks to sports which I was used to practice in my childhood, notably the basketball, with NBA great players from the past, then with US and French hip-hop video clips. These two different domains are related with the link of Sneakers. That's really how I learned to love them. But I started to collect sneakers when my independant life begun, with my first salary. My mother couldn't afford to buy me shoes every month during my childhood. So when I had my first job, it was the beginning for my little collection to grew up, and I bought more and more sneakers. Hence for me it was to take revenge from the past. To enjoy what I couldn't enjoy before.

What I really like in Sneakers is the diversity, diversity in patterns, styles which could exist. I love both basketball shoes than running shoes. What I look for in a pair is its originality, its confort, its colorway and its materials. I really like to touch them, look at them, smell them. I know that it may look weird, but materials are really important in shoes, it often makes the difference.

If I had to choose just one of the sneakers in my collection, I would probably keep the Air Max 90 VT Midnight Fog. I love the Air Max 90, it's one of my favourite shoe ever. And about materials, it's quite normal that I chose this one in particular, with its special « carpet » material. I wish I could have another one, to double it, to display it, as the one that I have is not in its best condition, because I wore it a lot of times.

Oliver Berg