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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 89 - @Han_sole_lo

I live in the United States, Virginia to be exact.

I got into sneakers at a young age, about 11-12 years old when I first saw the Converse Aero Jams, Larry Johnson's shoe with Converse, the black white and purple ones, I loved how they could pretty much be 2 shoes in 1 since they have the removable overlay.

I've been into sneakers for almost 14 years now even though at the begging I couldn't really buy all the ones I wanted since I was young I would just follow the sneakers community.

What I most enjoy about sneakers is probably the ability to express myself through them, when I first started in was into converse and got into skating shoes for while too LOL but as I got older I started getting into Jordans then I got into runners and most recently maybe like 6 years ago I got into high end sneakers.

Well my favorite shoe silhouette is the Jordan 1 and my favorite color way is the Bred color way so those were my favorite sneakers that I owned and overall but when the Lance Mountain collaboration with Jordan and Nike SB came out that changed, the black pair is my favorite shoe, the Sakura Air Force 1 being second.

Oliver Berg