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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 92 - @Cedric_castex


Hey guys I'm 29 living in Paris but born on the south west coast of France.

I was always interest about Sneakers when I was child and at 14 years old I got my first pair of Air Max 1. But where I pass my childhood the Sneakers was just for running and not for the lifestyle. But don't care I start to keep my kicks clean but don't start to collect them. Later I'm moving to California San Diego  and saw some amazing sneaker shop with all brand cheaper than Europe. That was a revelation in my head. When I came back I start to keep all of my kicks but during 3 years I need too moved all the time for my job and sold all of them and life change my priority during few years. My old job improve my knowledge about technology in running shoes past and present and now I came back in 2014 I hope for long time.

My favorite part of this addiction is love to meet some people with the same passion share talk spend good time and we have create a real friend ship and that the most important for me. In the second time it's when a bought a new kicks a make a big attention of the material the quality. Of course the Color-way it's really important cause I need to wear it and match it with my clothes. My fav part when I received a new pair it to open the box and have a look of the material.

If i have to choice a pair I can't do it because  all of them have a story and be a part of me. That's the same I can't prefer a brand or anything else I chose my kick when u see it and your mind told you " you need this" don't care if it's a heat and stuff the most important it's to be proud to wear it. And don't forgot wear your kicks.


See you

Oliver Berg