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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 98 - @Suptribe

My name is Elias, 20 years old, i am from Bavaria, Germany near Munich, although I sometimes wish that i would live in a bigger city with more sneakerstores, as we only have two or three in munich. Besides collecting sneakers i also enjoy taking photos of them, feel free to check out some of my shots on my instagram @suptribe.

Talking of sneakers, everything started in late 2014. I know that it has only been two years since then, but before that i never really cared about shoes and streetwear, it used to be a waste of money in my eyes, back in the days. But one day a good friend of mine showed up with these dope sneakers (Asics Gel Saga "Rudolph" of the Christmas pack), and i was immediately in love, especially with Asics. Hence my first sneaker, that i actually bought was the Asics Gel Saga of the CMYK Pack.

Over the years i sadly did not manage to collect many sneakers, because i've always been a broke dude since i can remember, but i did manage to make tons of new friends and connect to a lot of awesome people. Thats also the thing, i love most about the sneaker "culture". Making new friends, having that "sneaker-talk", taking photos, getting credit and just have a good time with people that share the same passion.

Since Day 1 i've always been in Love with Asics. The materials, the silhouettes, the colorways, the comfort, just everything about it. Hence my favorite pair that i own right now is the Asics Gel Lyte V "Eight Ball", a beautiful collaboration with Concepts. Not only do i like the Materials (Oh god, that buttery suede), but especially do i love the concept and the idea behind the colorway.

A must have, that i rock nearly everyday, are my Ultra Boosts. Adidas took over the market with this technology in my eyes, up to this day nothing can beat the comfort of a boost sole. If i had more money i would certainly look more into the older Air Max Models, as i am still amazed by many of them.

I hope i managed to give you a good insight of my Thoughts as a sneaker fanatic, if you have any more questions or just wanna have some sneaker talk, feel free to DM me on instagram!

Oliver Berg