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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead *Special episode* - @Solelove1

Hey I'm Stevey Ryder (Master Of Air) from London in the UK. I own the label @Foot_Balla that caters for the stylish sneaker community. (www.foot-balla.com)

I first got into sneakers in the early 80s. At the time my parents were not buying me cool sneakers at all. I'm talking sneakers with 4 stripes or 2 stripes what were nicknamed adidas add-a-stripe and miss-a-stripe and did nothing for your cred being on the come up. Even then At that time things were not as they are today in terms of selection and volume available on the shelves. And they were not so cheap compared to other shoes I was being brought. I had to do paper rounds and wash cars to be able to afford my first ever name brand sneaker. I even worked in mc Donald's at the age of 14/15 although I wasn't supposed to be. From then I always vowed to my self when I work for real I'll buy all the kicks I want. And ever since then I been into sneakers.

I've been into sneakers passionately for over 30 years now and still counting. Mainly Airmax 1s and anything relevant to my past history being in the game.


What I enjoy the most about sneakers........ Hmmm this is a mad one as there are multiple reasons for the bond I have with sneakers today. I love the shape and cut of a shoe. I hold many many memories of my school days and friends some of whom are not here anymore that some of my sneakers remind me of. I love the culture it self, it's Something that's been here since my school days. I think that the most enjoyable thing is having them and overall cataloging my collection by taking pictures of them on foot and saving them on my social platforms. Reason I do this is so i have a solidified memory that will last forever and I will always be able to look at them. Back in my early days I didn't save any kicks and don't have many pics of the heat I had then so being a photographer it's only right I do something to cement them in time ;)

My favourite pairs are the og red and og blue colours of the first air max 1s to ever release. And my bespoke air max 1s. My daughter (Bella Amaya ) was the inspiration for my first ever design.

Tips for the up and coming foot-balla'z - don't follow hype and buy what you love not what you like-

Pictures is provided by @J_Rago and @Nikesportswear

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