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I am a sneakerhead

I am sneakerhead episode 116 - @Legacyofthefly

I'm Andrew and I've lived in Brooklyn, New York all my life. I got into sneakers because in New York it comes natural and I wore a uniform in junior high school so getting sneakers was a way to stand out since everybody dressed the same at school.

Eventually I became known for having new sneakers and I was hooked from there. The first couple pairs that I remember getting were some Grant Hill's from Fila and Nike Flights that John Starks wore. Since then I been keeping up with sneakers for about 20 years.

Currently I have over 100 pairs and who knows how many I've destroyed over the years. I've always loved sneakers because of the creativity and expression behind them. Nothing feels better than putting together an outfit for your sneakers.

I have a saying that "happiness starts from the feet up" and believe that knowing that you have some fresh sneakers on makes you feel good and if you were rocking them right you feel different from everyone else even if they have on the same pair.

I enjoy the anticipation of the first wear, the thought of purchasing the next pair and the feeling of nostalgia you pull out a pair that you haven't wore in a while. As I get older I lean more towards comfort which I has led me to buying a couple pairs from the Adidas boost family (I never was an Adidas fan) but I also still can't resist the hypebeast pairs sometimes even if they hurt my feet. Social media (@legacyofthefly on IG by the way) has also kept up my love because now you can share similar expressions with people all over the world. I love viewing people's unique feeds and photos. Sneakers are something that bridge gaps between people from different cultures for sure.

My favorite pairs vary from time to time but I would have to go with:

Black cement Jordan 3's

Aqua Jordan 8's

Royal blue Penny Foamposites

Todd Jordan Nike SB Blazers

Neon Green Air Max 95's

Jordan Bred 1's and Mork and Mindy Nike SB's are two pairs I hope I can get one day.

Peace, love and always rock your kicks


Oliver Berg