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Locations - Episode 2 : Israel

Locations, the series where we team up with photographers to share their favorite spots in their local cities. You can use this series as your guideline, next time you’re travelling. In this second episode, we worked with @lucas.adler.photo, a great landscape and weather photographer, travelling with his camera to capture the world, with a particular view : always look at the sky. Here’s his top five locations in Israel :

  1. Tel Aviv Beachfront : facing the opera tower

    Crowded beach spot in summer, the Tel Aviv Beachfront has a unique atmosphere during winter storms. The blowing sand reminds a time, not so long ago, when there used to be nothing but sand dunes. Today, these iconic tall buildings like the Opera Tower are true landmarks of the White City.

unnamed (1).jpg

2. Into the Crater : Makhtesh Ramon

Unique feature of the Negev desert, Makhteshim are gigantic erosion craters, of which Ramon is the biggest. Remote location in the desert, the site is a well known stargazing hub in Israel, and is mainly inhabited by centuries-old Acacia trees.

unnamed (2).jpg

3. The roof of the Negev Mountains - Mount Ramon

Highest point in the Negev Desert and Mountains, Mount Ramon overlooks the western tip of the Ramon Crater, near the border with Egypt. This is one of the most remote locations in Israel, closest settlement being some 30 kilometres away. At the summit lies a memorial to the Columbia space shuttle crew, who perished in 2003, one of them was Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon. This place is a true nature sanctuary, some 3 hours drive, plus 1 hour hike from Tel Aviv.

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4. Apollonia National Park - Outside Herzlyia 

A wonderful coastal archaeological site, nested on a cliff overlooking some of the best colours in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Shallow reefs and sand banks create turquoise waters, making this spot a favourite location for shooting winter thunderstorms.

5. The Eilat Mountains

If you ever set foot at the southern tip of Israel, you will be amazed by year-round sunshine and summer temperatures, coral reefs, and above all, the surrounding mountains. From the Jordanian mountains overlooking Aqaba to the Eilat Mountains, rugged, razor-sharp mountain ridges are everywhere. Along the border with Egypt, the Eilat mountains offer high altitude and beautiful landscape, making for a good stargazing location, just north of Eilat.

Oliver Berg