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Motivational Thoughts

Motivational Thoughts - Episode 1 @Simonsterstrength


First of all, would you mind introducing yourself

My name is Simon Ata, aka Simonster. I have a passion for fitness, acrobatics and what many call "movement", and enjoy teaching these areas. I started gymnastics at an early age and became passionate about mastering control of my own body. I expanded my skill set with training in martial arts, circus, and breakdance. In addition, I have a physiotherapy degree and personal training qualifications. My teachings reflect a mixture of these disciplines.

Do you ever feel unsatisfied with yourself?

I almost always feel unsatisfied, it's what keeps me striving to better myself, but I still try to enjoy the small achievements and victories along the way to stay motivated.

What makes you get up in the morning? What keeps you going?

My motivation has changed over time. These days what motivates me is get up in the morning and start work is sharing my knowledge with others who want to learn. I have a website www.simonsterstrength.com where I aim to empower others with knowledge to achieve their own fitness/movement goals.

How does your training affect you mentally?

Training is great for my mental health. If I'm feeling down or angry a good training session usually makes me feel happier.

How would you motivate a stranger?

I would ask about their own goals rather than try to push my own hobbies or interests onto them. I would encourage them to stay consistent and work really hard for what they want to achieve, and assure them that with hard work, more is possible than many imagine.

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