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Motivational Thoughts - Episode 2 @viktorisz

First of all, would you mind introducing yourself

My name is Viktor (some friends call me Viktorious). I've been training at different levels for the last 19 years, but for the last two years, I have worked my hardest to push myself as much as I can.


I used to be fat when I was 15, weighting in at a colossal 109kg (now I am 69kg). This drives me as I never want to be like that again, and seeing the results I have achieved since then has made me more hungry for perfection. Anything is possible with the right mental strength and motivation.

Do you ever feel unsatisfied with yourself?

I was unsatisfied the way I looked at 15. I had a belly and boobs. Remember my boobs was shaking when I was travelling on the bus, hated it. In life I wasn't interested in anything and at school I wasn't getting good grades. Than I met a guy, who sad I could lose it with some running. I knew only, I could help myself.


I started running and not eating after 4pm. This was before I had access to the internet. I had no help, no example. I just got on with it, with only my heart and guts to drive myself. The result after 4 months? A 40kg weight loss.


What makes you get up in the morning? What keeps you going?

Success is something you make for yourself by believing in yourself. I love work and I work hard for what I want in life. If I achieve my goal or get bored I move on to a bigger goal or something more interesting that will stretch me further. That's across fitness and work so that I can enjoy life and be the best person I can be.

How does your training affect you mentally?

I want to be better at everything. There is always room for improvement. To keep moving forward I read a lot. Internet, YouTube is a great education tool I never had when I was younger. My training drives me to push myself and that in turn helps me push my mentality accross other areas in my life to be the best I can be.

- Was fat and became lean

- I was one of the last in primary, then finish uni

- Quit smoking at age 16

- Had no girls around and now have a beautiful fiance

- We had no money to start with but worked hard and now we are leaving in our own house


How would you motivate a stranger?

I would tell them my story and those of other people like them who have achieved success. Success is dependant on mental strength. With that the sky is anyones limit. To create goals and work forward them are the most important thing and to always have a positive attitude where possible.

The glass is always half full!

Thanks to Tímea & Alastair for helping me write this






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