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Adidas and BVG Berlin collaborate for the Berlin EQT


By @Airmax1189

The city Berlin itself and the people living in it had a huge impact on adidas, the EQT and created a culture around the brand and its sneakers. Adidas decided to pay homage to the capital city of Germany with a truly special collaboration.

The BVG (Public Transportation Service, Berlin) equally loves Berlin and connects people throughout the city. Adidas and the BVG decided to use this fact as starting point for the creation of the ultimate homage to Berlin and its citizens. 

Right from the beginning it was quite clear for everyone that they want to think beyond product or another EQT! They wanted to break rules and also the traditional. Hence tjey decided to give the project more meaning by adding even more value than just being dope and rare. 

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The EQT is limited to 500 pairs only and will only be available in 2 stores in Berlin (Overkill and the Originals Store in Mitte), further, and this is new to the industry, it also stands for an annual ticket to use all BVG transportations for free! The packaging and the shoe consists plenty of details as embroidered BVG Icons on the medial side, a printed sockliner, the iconic BVG Camouflage on the heel cage and several laces. The shoe box is wrapped with a Camouflage Sleeve and the lace jewels pay homage to Berlin. 

All train guards from Berlin will get a briefing about the concept to ensure every customer can really enjoy his or her ride.

The project has proven once again that motivation, drive and a hands on mentality can change the way organizations operate. Pragmatism and passionate people are an unbeatable constellation and def make the difference. 

We at Epsilon Magazine enjoy the great idea behind the collaboration and the great execution. Thinking beyond the borders of fashion to create not just a sneaker, but a piece of art that proves that organizations that operate in totally different branches can achieve something special when working hand in hand for the same purpose makes this collaboration unique.

Thanks to @Till.Jagla for the information and Overkill Shop for the photos.