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adidas Originals Supercourt silhouette: A New Court Classic


With over 50 years of heritage leading the way in the field of expertly crafted white leather sneakers, the Home of Classics Supercourt model is the latest in a line of timeless adidas Originals classics.

Built on the iconic design foundation of three stripes and white leather, the Supercourt model represents the pinnacle of essential court style. Serving as part of the Home of Classics collection, archival design cues and modern style perspectives come together to make the Supercourt silhouette the must have new white court classic. Co-opted by a number of different cultures and groups, white leather adidas sneakers have become a cultural institution, both on the court and in the streets. Centered around the notion ‘made with care, worn without’, the Supercourt sneaker is built for the wearer to make their own.

Made to get better with time, the shoe develops a new, unique, personal meaning with every smudge, scuff, crease, and scrape that it gathers. For decades, white leather adidas sneakers have been adopted by creatives as blank canvases that accrue character with each new experience; the Supercourt silhouette is set to continue this legacy. True to the lineage of adidas’ most iconic court models, the Supercourt silhouette features a striking white leather upper, atop a classic rubber sole, harking back to the brands iconic court shoes. Bringing to life the archive for a new generation, the Supercourt sneaker is then culmination of adidas’ legacy in design expertise in one strikingly simple silhouette.