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Afew Store’s "Craftsmanship Day": Homage to New Balance (Recap)


Last Saturday, Afew Store’s Craftsmanship Day in honor of the quality work of New Balance took place in Düsseldorf, Germany

The Afew team has planned a day in the name of true craftsmanship and I had the honor to attend the whole day alongside some incredible photographers and collectors from all around the world. 

For me, as part of the photographers, the day started with a craftsmanship themed photo shooting together with some of the most talented photographers from Germany, Switzerland and France. The shooting took place at a really special location: the Classic Remise in Düsseldorf. 

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The Classic Remise is  a consignment center for luxury cars. Every car enthusiast will find at least one car of his dreams - from Jaguar, Porsche, Lamborghini to Bugatti, Ferrari, BMW or Mercedes. The shooting took place in a separate private hall with four cars of Afew’s choice. 

The idea behind their choice was to combine the craftsmanship of the New Balance Made in USA collection with the craftsmanship of legendary car manufacturers. We spent some hours shooting, talking and helping each other to work on photos that show the details of both different types of craftsmanship and creativity. 


In the evening the New Balance themed panel talk took place. Moderated by the legend Kish Kash, four experts expressed their opinion and thoughts about New Balance: Tornschuhjette, the custom artist responsible for the 1of1 New Balance x Afew Store 997 Craftsmanship; Thomas Lindie, owner of New Balance Gallery and Marketing Director at Hanon Shop; Richie Roxas, one of the biggest New Balance collectors worldwide and Ida Broen, a well known New Balance enthusiast from Norway.


The themes quality, sustainability, Made in UK/USA and the history of the brand and its collectors were discussed. 

Fans from around Europe came to the Ninasagt Gallery to attend the Panel Talk, to see the collection of historic New Balance sneakers and to talk and celebrate with other enthusiasts. 


All in all the event was a huge success and the perfectly executed 1of1 997 by Afew hyped up the community with hopes of a Afew Store Made in USA collaboration for the future.

Let’s see what Afew Store have planned for the fans for 2019.