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BespokeIND custom: Koi


The talented people from BespokeIND is back with another mind blowing custom. Here's their own words on the project: 

This is what BespokeIND built when we were given an AFEW “KOi” Asics Gel Lyte 3 brief.

Hand-crafted from scratch with real fish-skin & some of the most premium materials known to man-kind. Design Create Inspire. Your only limitation with @BESPOKE_ind is your imagination. Sample “Koi” made for client Herry.

There will be a similar rendition of these available with 8 build slots dropping on our website soon. Each pair can be personal I.D’d to make them individual 1of1 just like Herry who opted for his twin daughters initials to be laser ID on the heel panel “CNC”



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