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Afew Store and Diadora continue their work with the "Master Formula"

Afew Store’s collaborations with Diadora are well known and sought after all around the world and mark a milestone for both, Afew Store’s and Diadora’s work.

Following the legacy of “Highly Addictive”, “Cure” and the well discussed “Highly Addictive NYC”, Afew’s Dr. Wefa found his master formula, the Afew Store x Diadora N9002 “Master Formula”.

After Dr.Wefa won the fight against the worldwide sneakeraddiction, he decided to retire and start a settled life. But peace didn’t last long. The sneakeraddiction broke out again. The rapid appearing symptoms and the wild mutating community forces Dr. Wefa back to work – a new formula needs to be developed, again! Dr. Wefa researched for about two years far away from any sneakerhead. He did this to keep his results in secret, but also to protect himself from the sneakeraddiction.

After numerous sleepless nights and failed tests, he finally achieved the long-awaited breakthrough. The key to the “Master Formula” is the community!
The approach to research the “Master Formula” on his own seemed to be a good idea, but you can’t make the antidote without the poison. That’s why Dr. Wefa reached out to the worldwide operating #afewaddicted community for their help. Together they figured out the needed ingredients for the “Master Formula”.

These ingredients are: Passion, Love, Diversity and Friendship. The “Master Formula” is the most powerful product for the sneaker community.
— Dr. Wefa, Afew Store

Are you as hyped as the sneakeraddicts across the globe?

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