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DiVERGE - Make your own way

The modern-day consumer can make fashion and footwear purchases from any number of designers and brands. Trending designs and colorways get recycled again and again to the point the consumer gets lost in the constant wave of new releases. If this seemingly monotonous world, how can discerning customers stand out and express their individuality?

DiVERGE is a new Portuguese brand whose sole interest is on individuality by offering a range of fully customizable sneakers. Their goal is to offer consumers an original pair of sneakers based on your own story, by inviting you to co-design your own sneakers - to make sure they fit your look and style.

DiVERGE delivers original, handmade, and fully-individualized sneakers that are made in Portugal. Whether starting from a blank white canvas or from one of the brand’s carefully curated inspirations, you can co-create quality sneakers to match your own style and personality.

Only premium materials are used in the proprietary customization process. While elsewhere in the industry the reduction of quality materials seems to be the new mantra, DiVERGE has sourced quality textiles from within Portugal and Italy; from the rubber soles to the varying densities of leather and other fabrics. Those high standards are maintained even as sustainable and recycled materials are introduced into the process.

The Portuguese brand is fully dedicated to each customer and their preferences. This commitment is represented through the lower case “i” in their name.

Epsilon Magazine had a chance to design a few pairs, here’s a closer look:

Landscape - I Respect Everyone

By @Oliverberg_

Sakura, the blossom of the Prunus, better known as Japanese Cherry threes, are a cultural phenomenon around the globe. In Copenhagen, nearly 150.000 people visit Bispebjerg Kirkegaard, a cemetery located about 5 kilometers from the centrer of the capital. Racial and religious segregation and discrimination, once commonplace in places like Copenhagen, are being phased out, as the cemetery, which normally works as a Christian cemetery, is now open to all.

This design, along the words “I Respect Everyone” seek to remind people to put away all the negative thoughts on our differences and embrace our similarities in the hope of making room for everyone!

The design features the immediately recognizable, sakura colors; white leather, lavender suede, and fuchsia nubuck.

Landscape - I am Home

By @Max.Loewe

The customization for the Landscape model is dedicated to my hometown of Kassel, and the monuments within the city as well as the nature around it. 

A specific inspiration for the design is the castle of Wilhelmsthal, which is located north of Kassel near Calden. 

The castle was built between 1747 and 1761 for Landgraf Wilhelm VIII. von Hessen-Kassel and is surrounded by a beautiful park which is open to the public.

The cascading colors of the castle is something perfectly encapsulated on the Landscape thanks to the numerous color options for each layer. Emerald green, sky blue, along with black and white elements help reflect the colors of the window shutters, handrails, roof, and the walls of this time-weathered relic. The bright details intermixed with the neutral color blocks give the classy silhouette some colorful highlights.

Minimal Low - I am dedicated

By @Max.Loewe

This design is dedicated to my family business and its history of more than 100 years. As the fifth generation to lead the family business, my brother and I are dedicated to our company, its history and all that is required for the business’s continued success. The Minimal is my expression of this dedication. Our Logo, the trucks and trailers are all dark blue and white. The premium leather upper reflects these colors, accented by some darker blue laces that help add contrast to the monotone upper.  

Minimal Low - I Support Renewability

By @Oliverberg_

This final pair is a celebration of Denmark’s world-lead on renewable energy solutions. With Earth facing big climate change difficulties, addressing coal and oil burning energy sources and replacing them with cleaner ones, such as, solar and wind energy, is a necessity. Denmark has proved it cares a lot about tapping these new more sustainable energy sources. Most of Denmark’s windmills are placed in our oceans, so this pair is inspired by a mixture of ocean blue and green, as in green energy.

This design features premium emerald-green suede along a white leather heel panel, white laces, and a white sole.