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Easy Expedition - Pacemaker Products


The concrete jungle requires more PACE and agility than ever before.  

We travel light and easy. Creativity is the only equipment.  

We smell the dirt and inhale urban vibes.  

Grey Rats and Black Crows surround us!  

Pacemaker commutes with PACE!  

We conquer the streets, as ONE unit!  

No one can kill the pace.  

No expiration date, Pacemaker is here to stay!   

Safe Travels! 


Pacemaker Products is back with their 3rd capsule collection called 'Easy Expedition'. Easy Expedition reflects the dynamic urban life. Nowadays people need to stay as agile as possible to manage the daily PACE. Travelling and communting belong to our modern lives like never before. The German brand translates new ideas into their products to make commuting easier and introduces two very new constructions to the streetwear landscape.

Typical for Pacemaker are bold graphics and slogans which have a meaning and again, 'Pushed Blue' and 'Pushed Pink' are the colors to make Pacemakers clearly visible in the streets.

PMK_EasyEX_0157 (Pacemaker Productss in Konflikt stehende Kopie 2017-09-22).jpg

What is the idea behind Pacemaker Products?

It all started with a single belief, that there are always people who set the pace for others.

We call them Pacemakers. 

They influence the future, they never rest and always hunt for their visions! Pacemakers are never satisfied with the expected. They want to shape peoples environment! Their intrinsic motivation is extraordinarily strong and creativity is the fuel to flood their cylinders to overachieve all expectations! Pacemaker-Products are dedicated to this entrepreneurial mindset! The brand has been established in between and is purely based on experiences collected in the streetwear landscape. They have defined that as the Concrete Credibility. 


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What are the highlights for streetwear fans and Pacemakers?

#1: Lightweight 5+ Pocket Vest

The Lightweight 5+ Pocket Vest opens the gate for a whole new product category. Being much more lighter than a backpack but offering much more space than a hipbag, the Lightweight 5+ Pocket Vest is the new perfect accessory for Pacemakers around the world. The Vest offers space for all gadgets you want to take with you - from camera, lenses, mobile phone to water bottle and bicycle lock. At the chest you find an Easy Access Pocket for your phone or smaller things. The ultra-lightweight construction features 2 larger pockets and 2 smaller ones around the hip. In addition the vest provides full breathability through a double layer mesh back piece that highlights an oversized Pacemaker print. The length is adjustable that one size fits all. For the days you want to travel even easier, you just detach one unit and use it as a hip bag (represents them+ in the product name). Further the vest comes with a carabiner for your keys or a small flashlight. Stay agile in the city!

#2: Cuff Control Pants

This is for the Sneakerheads! The new Pacemaker pant provides the best fit. The Cuff Control™͟ construction always keeps the distance between the cuffs and the kicks. The perfect position is guaranteed by a silicon strap at the inner side of the cuffs. Define how you want to show up with the new Cuff Control™͟ sweatpants.

Where can you buy the new Pacemaker collection?

The new Pacemaker capsule collection will be available at all Pace accounts and online on 18.11.2017, 12:00 pm CET.

Overkillshop, Berlin

43einhalb, Fulda & FFM

The Good Will Out, Köln

Afew, Düsseldorf

Asphaltgold, Darmstadt

Newseum, Nürnberg

Pacemaker Products


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