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Enaka - The Story Brand

Founded by Richmond Bessong & Kevin Spalek, Enaka is not an ordinary streetwear brand. When announced in 2012, Enaka made a promise of what the brand will stand for - a promise they still live up to today. 

They focus on maintaining individuality in a world that is driven by expectations, patterns and norms. On top of that, they closely follow the production of their products, from designing them in their headquarters in Germany, to getting them made hand-made in Turkey. They even handpack every order being made on their website. 

ENAKA Clothing - Cap Production.jpg

Their latest product pays tribute to the late mother of the founder Grace Enaka Bessong Tambe. 

Enaka was a confident woman, but because of the looks and comments of others, she no longer felt comfortable in her own skin. She started to question herself and insisted on having surgery to match society´s "concept of beauty“.

ENAKA Clothing - Story T-Shirts Lineup.jpg

All their products are up for grabs on their website www.enakaclo.com



Written by: Oliver Berg

Instagram: @Olivaah397