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Interview with Lars Trucks

Hi, my name is Lars Trucks and I am a Berlin, Germany based shoemaker.

I have been doing bespokes since 2013. At first, I just painted sneakers, then after a year of doing so, I started to deconstruct pairs and build them up with high-quality materials such as exotic leathers. In 2016 I stopped painting sneakers and focused entirely on doing bespoke pairs, to perfect craftsmanship. 

Since September 2016, my focus has been to get closer to create the "perfect" pair. I get most of my inspiration from just being outside, or sitting at coffee shops around Berlin. Actually everywhere I go, I try to find inspiration for new projects. Also, most of my work is a reaction to the fashion industry. I keep thinking about how I can adapt the trends into my work, and how I can approach projects differently.

Et opslag delt af Lars Trucks (@lars_trucks) den

My favorite pair of sneakers is my Air Max 1 "Gucci". They are made out of an old vintage Gucci bag and sharkskin leather. 

Et opslag delt af Lars Trucks (@lars_trucks) den

After I finish my apprenticeship, my goal is to open a bespoke sneaker store, where you can get any pair of sneakers customized, and where you can even build prototypes for your own label. I want to build a studio where you can get a lot of bespoke items made, such as sneakers, bags, clothes etc. 

You can see all my work on my Instagram account @Lars_trucks