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Interview with LeJit


We are proud to bring you our first interview in our music section with the upcoming 16 year old Danish rapper LeJit.

How did you get into making music, and what inspirations help you out breaking through?

I’ve always been into music, but I started recording music about 9-10 months ago in 2017. It all started as a joke with one of my friends but later on, I started gaining some real attention for my music and and that time I went from having fun with music, and now taking it very seriously. I am extremely inspired by XXXTENTACION, He is one of the reasons I even started with this whole music thing. He is my biggest inspiration, and I hope one day I can touch as many peoples souls as he did. I don’t think I ever would have broken through with my music if it wasn’t for the grind I put in, which XXX helped me through. He told everybody to chase their dreams, and that’s exactly what I’m doing now!

Has making music changed anything in your daily life?

Music has changed everything for me. I can be out with friends and still not be listening to anything they say because I’m constantly trying to think of lyrics in my head. I literally think of freestyling every second of my day, just so I can be better.


Nearly 300k plays on your song "Know it's hard" on Spotify, as an upcoming artist, how does that make you feel?

“Know It’s Hard” literally started blowing up out of nowhere. I didn’t promote the song, I have no label, and suddenly it just went crazy on the streams. Making that song with a 50$ microphone and recording in my tiny room really made me realize, how big I actually can be if I really put the work in..

What's the plans for the future, both in short and long-term?

I am LeJit (Jordan Murphy), I am 16 and you will all know who I am in the future, mark my words. With hard work ethic, everybody can achieve what they strive for.