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Interview with Theshoeconstructer


Hi, I'm Joep, 20 years old and living in the Netherlands. And I really love to share some of my work with you guys. I'm currently studying Design at the art academy in Maastricht, with a huge love for sneakers. But before I can create my own shoe, I have to learn more about how a sneaker is being made, and therefore I've cut a brand new Air Force 1 apart, just out of curiousness.

When I deconstructed it I managed to keep each essential part undamaged. It created a really satisfying view on my work desk. And then I came with an idea to make something that would fit in my room as a collectible, so I started to make what I had in my head. Some kind of exploded view of the Air Force I took apart so that each part would become visible.

So I started my work by putting the shoe back together but not by recreating a real shoe but by leaving a space between each part of the shoe. It became an interesting sculpture. The result was really good so I decided to make another one and another one after that until it turned into a product, a piece of art out of a sneaker or an example to show what a shoe is made of and how the sole is layered.

People can order them by sending me a DM on my Instagram page @theshoeconstructer. My future plans are to remix shoes and try out different things and work my way up to show my work to everyone and hope to inspire some people to follow their dreams too. Here's some of my work, hope you like it!