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Interview with WeForSneaker


Hello! My name is Gagan and I live in Mumbai, India. 

I started @WeForSneaker to put together the stories of sneakers from around the world. And just like the sneakers we feature, the page itself has quite a story too.

As a graphic designer, I was always in love with sneaker art. The colours, the contours, the perfect blend of form and function. Everything about it made me drool. And then one day, just like that, my wife gifted me a pair of ultra-cool sneakers on my birthday. Needless to say, best birthday gift ever! And with that, my interest in sneakers reached a new high. I started reading about them. Browsed through websites and blogs. And of course, buying more pairs of sneakers every time I could. No matter how many I bought, they were never too much for me. It reached a point where my wife had to sit me down and warn me against buying any more sneakers for the next 6 months. Just so that you know, the Sneaker Prohibition expires on May 2018. So coming soon, more sneakers.

Nonetheless, as the Sneaker Prohibition was in full swing, I was getting all restless. And as the old sneaker saying goes, “You can take a man out of his sneakers, but you cannot take sneakers out of a man”. I decided to do something about it. I started @WeForSneaker. And since that day onwards, it’s been sneaker love all the way.

@WeForSneaker is a first-of-its-kind community for sneaker lovers from around the globe. The idea is to share, connect, tell and experience sneaker stories. Also, it’s not only about the sneakers, but more about the people who wear it. 


The start, as always, was a bit shaky. People weren’t that receptive. Sharing your personal story with a stranger on the internet isn’t easy. A lot of persuasion went in. People often said things like “I just have a few pairs” or “Why would someone be interested in my story?” But after a few posts, the scepticism died down. Fans started opening up and messages from fellow sneaker lovers gave the much needed push. And soon, the stories started pouring in. 

I generally ask a set of questions like:

- When did you first fall in love with sneakers?

- What’s your most memorable sneaker story? 

- What does your family think about your passion for sneakers?

- Your city and country?

These are relatable questions, which the sneaker community loves to bond over. But amongst them, the family question is the one that opens them up the most. It’s usually the same with everyone and this becomes an interesting topic for all the fans. Also, adding their city in the story helps sneaker-lovers meet and make new friends while traveling to other cities and countries.

Most importantly, @WeForSneaker isn’t about the number of sneakers, the brands or the rare editions. It’s just about the love, passion and stories behind the sneakers.