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Is dyeing sneakers the new trend?

Dyed, bleached, painted, the purpose is the same - to create your very own version of an already limited release. Recently, a lot of Instagram users have been sharing pictures of their dyed Off-White releases, including @Sizetenplease, @Murderbravado, @Thecamp0ut, and even @Johnmayer.

It hasn’t just been Off-White’s pristine white Prestos that have been reworked; pictures of a pair of bleached Sean Wotherspoon 97/1's at an Offspring release got massive attention several weeks ago. 

But why has customizing valuable sneakers become so popular in 2018? One reason could be the lack of creativity from the designers behind the limited releases. Obviously, this does not include the Sean Wotherspoons, but if looking at the three Off-White Prestos releases so far, there definitely seems like there’s room for an enthusiast to set themselves apart from the never-ending wave of OW Presto pictures saturating instagram.
If you don't want to spend hours customizing them, like @Cam.oflage did with his Yin & Yang Prestos, dyeing your pair is the easy way to stand out of the crowd.

This dyeing trend includes the Yeezy 350's as well. For the past few years, we’ve seen customized Yeezy's - usually inspired by "hypebeast" brands such as Supreme or Louis Vuitton. These customs have been slathered in artfully detailed custom paint jobs or have had large portions of the shoe replaced with other fabrics or materials, but dyeing brings the DIY trend to the fore with easily accessible color and shade changes. This includes @C__k_

When asked why he decided to dye his white Yeezy 350's. He told us because of the upcoming restock of the exact same pair, a restock in which Kanye West himself promised there would be enough pairs for everyone.  

With the impending flood of white Yeezy’s, standing out may become harder and harder, but the ability to dye will give those looking to maintain a creative edge some new opportunities.

So, I think we can all agree dyed sneakers look great, some people do it to stand out, some do it in protest of restocks of limited releases, and finally, some just do it for the looks. Question is will you jump on the dyeing trend?