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Jägermeister x Kangaroos - Final look


Jägermeister announces first Sneaker-collaboration ever!

The most successful bitter in the world, Jägermeister, and the german licensee of KangaROOS share a tradition: both produce highest qualities in Germany! In case of the spirit it’s over 80 years of history in Wolfenbüttel, where the liquor is made and from where it’s shipped all over the planet. 

KangaROOS collaborations are handmade in the manufacture Hummel&Hummel in Münchweiler, close to their headquarters in Pirmasens. As in recent years nearly every KangaROOS Release-Event was supported by Jägermeister it wasn’t quite a step to think about working something out together. The brand with the deer has had a passion for sports-sponsoring in the early 1970’s and is well known for it’s offbeat marketing strategies. Nowadays Jägermeister is focussing on the Nightlife- and Party-scene...and that’s exactly where supporters of Made in Germany collaborations also hang out at.

When talking about quality it’s always the choice of materials that matter most. That’s why we find the finest deer leathers on the sneakers upper. Apart from the fact that the deer is Jägermeisters heraldic animal, its leather is the third strongest in the world! But it’s still flexible and breathable. Sure this carries a different price tag than other materials. The Colorway is 100% Jägermeister with their golden Logo on the heel, plus golden lace tips and eyelets.

The style used for this collaboration is the “Ultimate“ that comes in a wooden box. It features 3 pairs of laces and some gimmicks. The sneaker will be available in the following stores on December 16th:

43einhalb (Fulda) / Acribik (Bonn) / Afew (Düsseldorf) / Alte Schule (Bielefeld) / Asphaltgold (Darmstadt) / BM+ (Aschaffenburg) /  Crisp (Berlin) / Flaggship (Koblenz) / Glory Hole (Hamburg) / HHV (Berlin) / No.10 (Saarbrücken) / Monox (Aachen) / Overkill (Berlin) / Sapato (Kassel) / Schacht2 (Hückelhoven) / Schrittmacher (Dresden) / SneakRs (Krefeld) / Solemate (Weiden) / Soulfoot (Konstanz) / Suppa (Stuttgart) / The Good Will Out (Köln)

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