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KangaROOS wants you all to Make Love, Not War!

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newest Made in Germany effort is here to remind us to Make Love, not War”!

We need to bethink of values like humanity and openness of mind and heart - which are getting more and more pushed back in our society nowadays. Woodstock used to be a symbol against Vietnam and the cold war...and it still is. “Make Love, not War2 was the No.1 slogan of the Hippie-Times - even John Lennon and Yoko Ono were singing it - just a few words that became a guiding theme for a whole generation. This year the mother of all festivals celebrates its 50. birthday.

KangaROOS just turned 40, so they thought of bringing like-minded spirits together and create a peaceful sneaker - made of used german army tents! The tents were used and gave shelter to women and men on active service. They were cleaned professionally and the talented Hummel und Hummel manufacturers processed them into Made in Germany sneaker-art. Major parts of the upper consist of the army camouflage in combination with suede and calfs leather from Italy - materials that feature the “Blue Angel“, an award for product alternatives with a higher ecological standard. The outsole is made of rubber and the midsole features the famous DYNACOIL shock absorption system.

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The Veteran is a quiet but beautiful protest that also focuses on sustainability by using used materials from the german forces. By the way, every costumer of the Made in Germany-products has the chance to be one of the very few participants of the community event hold in the manufactory of Hummel und Hummel coming up next year. Find more on this in every Box!

Release date is 21.09.2019 in the following stores:

43einhalb (D) / Acribik (D) / Afew (D) / Allike (D) / Asphaltgold (D) / Footshop (CZ) / Glory Hole (D) / Hanon (GB) / L'Original (B) / Main Source (GB) / Schrittmacher (D) / SneakerBAAS (NL) / Sneakerstudio (PL) / Solebox (D) / Steffl Department Store (A) / Suppa (D) / Titolo (CH)