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KangaROOS upcoming Spring/Summer Collection Drop 1

The first drop of KangaROOS upcoming Spring / Summer collection contains six inline styles.

There’s one new creation, one 80s highlight, three familiar faces with new CWs, and a carry over from last years.



This sneaker is an new creation - combining the Omnicoil (with a slightly changed upper) and the Racer, from which it inherited the complete sole unit. Materials used on this styles’ upper are free of any kind of animal skins. It’s microfiber suede and a classic mesh.

Colorway: White / tile blue // Sizerun: US 7,5-12 // Release: End of February


KangaROOS_HOT SHOT_1.jpg

The low top BBall silhouette comes straight from the 80s and was lost in the Pirmasens’ archives for a long time. Now it’s back and celebrates a return as part of this Spring/Summer collection! Used material on the upper: synthetic leather.

Colorway: White / vapor grey // Sizerun: US 7,5-12 // Release: End of February



A style from the early 2010s we haven’t seen for quite a while. The rage combines microfiber suede with mesh elements on its upper. The midsole features the one and only ROOS-signature shock-absorption system named DYNACOIL.

Colorway: Black / yellow // Sizerun: US 7,5-12 // Release: End of February


KangaROOS_RUNAWAY 002_3.jpg

The sneaker vanished without a trace a few years ago. We brought it back successfully and now it’s getting colorway updates and a focus on non-animalistic upper materials (microfiber and mesh).

Colorway: Birch // Sizerun: US 7,5-12 // Release: End of February


KangaROOS_RUNAWAY 001_2.jpg

It’s not just the predecessor of the 002 but features many attributes that also work quite well on the second version - like a super comfy midsole and a shape every other runner silhouette would love to own.

Colorway: Royal / navy // Sizerun: US 7,5-12 // Release: End of February



It’s an OG runner from the 90s that keeps its original outfit from back in the days - combined with the famous Ultimates’ mid- and outsole to make it even faster. It’s made of polyurethane nubuck and nylon mesh. No leathers used.

Colorway: Semi grey black // Sizerun: US 7,5-12 //  Release: End of February