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New Balance 990 v4 Release


By @Francesco108197

New Balance cares about quality more than hype and the Made in USA/UK pairs by the american brand are always a good example of great materials and comfort. In 1978 the creation process of 990 started and in 1982 it was released as the first sneaker to cost 100 dollars. To celebrate the v4 rendition of this iconic silhouette, New Balance decided to make a special edition limited to 1500 pairs distributed in only 15 retailers worldwide at the original price of 100 $ (80 €). In Italy, Milan based store One Block Down was selected and received one of the 100 pairs batches. As in other cities around the globe, New Balance set up a container in Piazza XXIV Maggio, one of the most important squares in town. We arrived at 12 pm since the release would have started one hour after, and about 40 people were there. One Block Down staff asked for everyone the needed size, distributing some tickets with numbers and telling the clients when some sizes were sold out. The selling was really fast, but some pairs were put aside for “bloggers” (as the staff said), so the customers complained about these “reservations” because they prevented them from buying the requested size. However, we were able to cop a pair. The suede quality is really good and the gray color is a classic for all New Balance addicted. Maybe some details more would have improved the shoes, as the “EST. 1982” embroidered on the back side portion is the biggest difference compared to the general pair. But at the end of the day, for 80 € they are definitely worth one hour and half of "camping".