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Nike Air Max 1 Premium ID 'Pendleton'


Nike updated there famous ID program with a new premium option - the Pendleton wool option.

In the last years Nike collaborated multiple times with the high quality wool product distributor from Portland for the ID program.

Pendleton USA has produced a variety quality products since its formation in 1863 including blankets, apparel and accessories. 

The Air Max 1 ID with the Pendleton options has been a huge success, so Nike and Pendleton decided to collaborate again for the 2017 Air Max 1 Premium ID with the ‚improved shape‘.


The customer gets the opportunity the choose between three colors of Pendleton wool and two different types of leather in three colors aswell. The swoosh, lining, laces, lace locks and the outsole have a bigger variety of colors including highlight colors like teal or pink, to add some color to the custom sneaker of their choice.

I’ve decided to design a pair for myself. I went with a quite famous (and often hated) colorway - black and pink. One of my favorite pairs of all time in my collection are the Nike Air Yeezy I Blink, so I chose to buy my favorite sneaker ever, the Air Max 1, in the same colors.

I took an all black Pendleton wool upper with a sail midsole and black outsole. Laces, lining, lace locks and swoosh are pink. Not for everyone, but definitely my favorite choice.

How is the quality?

Nike really improved their Air Max 1 pairs and especially qualitywise you can really see the improvement. No stains, glue marks or product failures. The Pendleton wool upper is really soft and looks very good qualitywise. So far so good.


How is the ‚shape‘?

The shape improvement can really be seen. Finally. The Pendleton material is really soft and so the shape gets even better when the sneakers are worn. 

Would you recommend to buy a pair?

I recommend 100%. 

You can buy a high quality pair of Air Max 1 with special materials in a color way of your choice. 

Nothing better than that.

Out the box and straight on feet

Out the box and straight on feet


Customize and buy your pair now at Nike’s webshop.



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