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Nike Air Max 97/1 Sean Wotherspoon

The Air Max 97/1 by Sean Wotherspoon is going to be one of the most important releases in 2018. With an interesting video on its YouTube channel, Nike takes us inside the process behind this great hybrid pair.

"If you're anyone like me and you collect sneakers and it is what you love and your dream is your own sneaker, this is my own chance to absolutely kill it! I've put great pressure on myself... I think the craziest internal feeling for me was when I found that I won" - Wotherspoon says. "I put together this focus group with my homies. We started with one color, the brown, and we built up from there. 97 has always been one of my favourite Air Max's of all time: I loved the 360 sole and the gradient possibilities for the upper".

Then he talks about the outcome and the contest that brought him there: "One of the best compliments is that it could have come out in 2004, 5 or 6. I think that Nike doesn't get enough credit for what Vote Forward did as far as bringing people together"

If you're reading this article, you know that maybe it's too late to take part to any raffles out there. The Air Max 97/1 SW releases at selected stores and on SNKRS app on Saturday, March 24th. Good luck to everyone who really wants to rock these ones!