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Opening of Blue-Tomato, Hamburg


Yesterday, Blue-Tomato opened up their brand new shop in Hamburg, Germany. Blue-Tomato has always been known to be a pioneer in the skiing/snowboarding, surfing as well as skating community, and with the launch of their newest store, they aim to provide both a great place for like-minded extreme sport enthusiasts to come together, while providing the area with some of the most up to date equipment and clothing.

Blue-tomato was founded more than 30 years ago, and with multiple stores around Europe, as well as one of continents largest online shops, they are the place to shop if you’re looking for anything related to their focus areas.

For the opening of their newest shop, they teamed up with Volcom, a very known brand in the skating / skiing community, to release a limited edition Blue-Tomato x Volcom tee.

Make sure to step by the brand new Blue-Tomato shop next time you’re in Hamburg: