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Oth Paris - redefining sustainable sneakers


Last year, @Jusdave3_2 wrote about sustainability in the sneaker community. With CSR (Corporate social responsibility) being a must for every Western company, it was only a matter of time before a sneaker brand took it to the next level.

This brand is called Oth Paris. Now what makes Oth special? I believe their kickstarter video speaks for itself: 

300 million tires are being produced annually - that's 43 tires per human being. So Oth decided to do something with the outdated ones. 

They make their soles entirely from used tires, as seen in their video. 


With 14 days to go, they have raised more than €17000 on Kickstarter. If you want to grab a pair for a special Kickstarter discount, make sure to buy them right away:



Written by: Oliver Berg

Instagram: @Olivaah397