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Overkill and Kangaroos Are Releasing An "Adam & Eve" Inspired Collaboration


German based Overkill and Kangaroos teamed up to release an Adam & Eve inspired collaboration containing two very special pairs. Here’s what Overkill wrote on their site:

Inspired by the history of mankind, OVERKILL symbolically tells its own story. Just as God created Adam and out of his rib he created Eve – so sneaker god created OVERKILL in 2003 and a few years later, from its soles and laces, OVERKILL WOMEN. Every store is a picturesque oasis, the Garden of Eden for all sneakerheads in Berlin. The fruits of the collaboration between OVERKILL x KangaROOS is an unisex Coil-Package, made in Germany: One named after ADAM, inspired by the juicy green botany of paradise. The other style, thematizes EVA; inspired by the bare uncoveredness of her body. The story from the old script is reinterpreted and told with a lot of love for detail and handwork by OVERKILL x KangaROOS.


Starting with ADAM, which is kept in botanical green. The juicy, dark green, textured leather is reminiscent of the fibres of leaves, while a mix of mist green smooth leather points to the variety of colours in the Garden of Eden. EVA, on the other hand, is available in cream nuances of textured and smooth leather. With pink nubuck, a variety of surface structures are staged and rounds off the theme of skin and nudity. The logos of the collaboration partners are colorful embossed in the leather insert on the heel and sewn on as a cut-out side panel. The most conspicuous feature of both silhouettes is the “high risk” red shoe tongue made of structured leather, which is reminiscent of the lambent snake that persuaded Eva to sin. The leather label attached to it was also refined with logos.

The act of sin itself, the bite of the apple, is depicted in the left insole of EVA. A round, woven satin label on the snake patterned insoles shows the bitten apple in the designed theme logo of the collaboration. Mirrored, ADAM shows the leaf that covered the shame in paradise on the botanical patterned insole. The counterparts of the respective silhouettes each carry an equally round woven label with gold embroidered gender symbols in the logo – Venus for EVA and Mars for ADAM.


Each of the pairs comes with two variations on lace-tags; white gold and tonal. The metallic lace-tags are engraved with the names ADAM and EVA. The thematic symbols such as the apple/leaf and the OVERKILL logo are printed on the tonal Lace tags. The three different laces per shoe offer further possibilities for individualization: flat white, flat tonal and a color-coordinated rope lace in snake look.

The packaging, which is printed on both sides in two versions and finished with gold foil logos on the cover, is also individual. Each shoe comes with a sticker postcard and a “seedball” made of clay and plant seeds with which you can create your own small balcony garden.


To round off the project, OVERKILL designed a theme-related sticker sheet and a collector’s pin set. The idyllic release event will take place in the OVERKILL Women Oasis, parts of the shop area will be transformed into a Garden of Eden and every visitor has the opportunity to bite into a logo apple branded with OVERKILL and KANGAROOS.

Source: https://www.overkillblog.com/2018/11/12/adam-eve-a-story-told-by-overkill-x-kangaroos/